Workforce Development and Continuing Education

Welcome to Workforce Development and Continuing Education at DCC. You’ll find a variety of courses that will help you further your education – for personal growth, business advancement or to develop efficient, quality employees. Discover ways to satisfy your creative side, learn new skills, connect with others, stay current in your profession, and have fun.

Workforce Development

The key to sustainable growth and success is a commitment to workforce training. Your organization will benefit through increased operational efficiency, improved employee morale, and an enhanced bottom line. Workforce training at DCC is available and affordable.

Training topics are to include, among others:

  • Supervisory Skills
  • Industry-Specific Technical Skills
  • Computers and Software Training
  • Customer Service
  • Business Management
Customized Training

Working in partnership with business and industry leaders, our experts will provide needs assessments and then work with clients to design and deliver customized training that fit specific needs.  Our customized training covers everything from basic literacy to advanced business-specific skills.  Our training can be conducted on campus or at the workplace.  We also participate in a wide range of community service activities and partner with various community organizations to deliver high quality workforce training programs.

An example of a customized training is Basic Electricity and Electronics.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education classes at DCC provide intriguing and engaging learning opportunities.  These non-credit courses cover a range of personal enrichment and development areas and include workshops, classes, online, and hands-on learning activities.

Online Non-Credit Courses
Ed2Go has over 250 non-credit online courses available.   Most courses run for six to eight weeks with new sessions beginning the third Wednesday of each month.  Courses are project-oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assignments, discussion areas, and supplementary links.  You can complete any course entirely from your home or office. Courses require an email and internet access, and may require specific software and/or books.  Some courses may have other requirements. College credit is not available for these courses, however, renewal units may be available. Please contact Marilyn Dutton for more information on renewal units.

Fundamentals-Basic Training:

Advanced Career Training:

Non-Credit Program Proposal

Thank you for your interest in working with Dawson Community College.  We are constantly working to develop new and relevant courses for our Workforce Development and Continuing education program.

Our goal is to expand learning opportunities for the community and course proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis.  If you would like to teach non-credit courses for DCC, please complete this form.  If you have a specific course subject you would like to teach, make sure to fill out a course proposal form for each topic. Please be prepared to provide supporting documentation such as resume, course outline and curriculum.

If your course is accepted, you will be contacted to coordinate the details of the course and gather any additional information.  Thank you for your interest in teaching for DCC Workforce Development and Continuing Education.

If you would like to request a workforce training or education course as a business or individual, please contact us. Include information such as:

  • Type of Offering (Continuing Education or Enrichment course, Professional/Customized Training)
  • Title/Description/Instructor
  • Training needs/objectives for business or individual
  • Location (DCC or workplace)
  • Contact information for a complete follow-up

All courses must be prepaid.  For courses requiring an application, see application for course fee due date.  For courses not requiring an application, course fees are due three (3) business days prior to class start date.

All courses generally have a minimum enrollment requirement.  For courses requiring an application, enrollment minimums must be met by course fee due date specified on application.  For courses not requiring an application, enrollment minimums must be met two (2) business days prior to course start date.  Courses not meeting enrollment minimums will be CANCELED and registration fees will be returned in full.  Register on-time to avoid course cancellation.

Note: Continuing Education programs and courses DO NOT require college admissions.

List of Current Offerings

Title Fee Days Times Start End Location
30 Hour/2 Credit Gambling Addiction Workshop ONLINE Varies      Ongoing    


15 Hour/1 Credit Gambling/Gaming Addiction Workshop ONLINE Varies     Ongoing   Online

Gambling Addiction Workshop ONLINE 

For more information or questions on Workforce Development and Continuing Education, contact the Director of Workforce and Continuing Education, Sara Engle at 406-377-9441 or email Sara Engle.

Our mission is to build upon our considerable strengths and to respond to the changing needs of our communities by providing courses, programs and services of superior quality to individuals, as well as business, industry, government and professional organizations. By focusing on people, quality, customer service, and resources, we affirm the core themes upon which the College is based.

We invite you to participate in the educational opportunities provided by the Workforce Development and Continuing Education program and encourage you to contact us with suggestions or ideas about how we can continue to better serve our constituents by providing significant outreach programs to Montanans and beyond.