DCC Library Guideline Statement 9-14.2

Delinquent library patrons-missing items

The library staff will attempt to track all delinquent patrons for return, replacement, or collection of fees on library materials.

9-14.2A The circulation staff will send two (2) overdue notices to the patron’s last known address. When possible, personal phone calls will be made to the patron.

9-14.2B If an item is borrowed and not returned to the library, the patron is responsible for the replacement of the material lost. A minimum of $25.00 is placed on any lost material for processing and replacement. Patrons not returning material or paying for lost material will have their library accounts placed on hold.

9-14.2C The circulation staff will transmit a list of students owing fees or material to the Student Services Office when it is deemed necessary by library staff. The students’ account will automatically be flagged so that holds can be placed on those student’s registration and transcripts. These will be released upon payment or return of materials.