DCC Library Guideline Statement 9-14.4

Issuance of library cards to patrons

Jane Carey Memorial Library is established and managed to support the curriculum of DCC. The library collection, services, and facilities are available to the public. Public patrons may obtain a free library card under the following provisions:


9-14.4A A library card is a valid for as long as a student remains enrolled or a patron remains a resident of the area. Patrons need to update their account at least once every three (3) years or it will be deleted.

9-14.4B For convenience of DCC students, the library will also affix a patron barcode to DCC Student ID cards so that they can be used as both an ID and as a library card, thus eliminating the need for students to have separate cards.

9-14.4C Public applicants must provide a valid Montana driver’s license or other Montana government issued photo identification to be eligible for a DCC library card.

9-14.4D The applicant must provide a local mailing address and phone number.

9-14.4E Non-student patrons must pay $0.10 per page for copies on the system printer; $0.25 for color copies.