DCC Library Guideline Statement 9-14.8

Circulation of restricted materials


Jane Carey Memorial Library shall make available non-circulating items such as reference works, maps, newspaper, periodicals, and other restricted items for photocopying and/or use in the classroom under the following conditions:

9-14.8A These items shall circulate for 24 hours, or overnight, and must be returned by close of business (COB) the following day.

9-14.8B This privilege is restricted to employees members preparing materials for the purposes of instruction.

9-14.8C The borrower must present a valid DCC library card to check out the materials. The item(s) will be placed in a manila envelope, which will be scanned into the system and matched to the patron’s library account to create a transaction.

9-14.8D The delinquent user policy (9-14.2) goes into effect for overdue items.