DCC Library Guideline Statement 9-14.9

Study Room Usage

Jane Carey Memorial Library will make its two study rooms available to the students and public users under the following provisions:

9-14.9A The rooms will be for group or individual use on a first come first serve basis.

9-14.9B Tutoring will be allowed when needed. Proctored exams will only be permitted by the library staff and if prior arrangements have been made.

9-14.9C Students, employees, or public users may reserve a study room with the library.

9-14.9D Meals are not permitted in the study rooms. Drinks WITH LIDS are allowed.

9-14.9E No more than seven (7) persons may occupy each study room because of safety concerns.

9-14.9F It is understood that the students and college staff have priority over study rooms. Public users are welcome to use the rooms under the above restrictions as long as the college community does not have a scheduled need for the rooms.