Business Management

Business Man and Woman(1)The Business Management program prepares students for entry-level positions in business enterprises. Students will receive a solid grounding in accounting, computers, personnel management, marketing and business management. This program will provide students with an understanding of the business environment through both theoretical analysis and practical application of the principles of business management, making them a more valued employee. The program supports both the goals of employment and academic transfer, should the student wish to continue his/her education.

  • Upon successful completion of this plan of study, students will be able to:
  • Prepare, read and understand a company’s financial statements
  • Compose written and oral messages in a clear, concise and complete manner
  • Operate computerized systems that are essential to small business success
  • Apply human relation theories to improve workplace efficiencies within the legal environment
  • Define, price, distribute and promote a company’s product within a target market
  • Solve common mathematical and statistical problems that are faced in business
  • Understand the economic, socio-cultural, and regulatory business environments