Criminal Justice Law Enforcement: Peace Officer Option and/or Private Security Option

HandcuffsThe Associate of Applied Science degrees in Criminal Justice Law Enforcement: Peace Officer Option and Private Security Option provide the initial education and training that a future peace officer or security officer needs to be productive at the entry level in local law enforcement agencies or public/private security and loss prevention organizations or institutions.  The curricula combine a strong academic component with skills-based instruction appropriate to the peace or security officer.

The programs will:

  • Build a strong base of knowledge in the field of criminal justice and provide academic and practical, skills-based exposure to the overall criminal justice-related fields (law enforcement, courts, corrections, security and loss prevention).
  • Prepare students for entry-level employment in public/private law enforcement and/or security related organizations
  • Assist students in the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, and the ability to conceptualize ideas
  • Expose students to courses in computation, communications, and human relations, and will assist students in developing an understanding and appreciation for diversity, social responsibility, and participation in public affairs
  • Provide students with opportunities for practical experience in the criminal justice system via internships, fieldwork, and skills-based course offerings
  • Serve those students seeking a career in the public or private sector as a peace officer or security and loss prevention officer by providing in-depth and practical skills-based exposure to the law enforcement and/or security component of criminal justice