Criminal Justice – AAS

CJusticeThe Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice degree is a general curriculum designed to prepare graduates for immediate employment in criminal justice agencies that do not require academy basic training prior to employment or that require their own academy training after hire. Students can select a combination of courses that are appropriate to their interest in law enforcement, criminology, penology, probation and parole, corrections, or other areas of criminal justice.

The program will:

  • Build a strong base of knowledge in the field of criminal justice and provide academic and practical, skills-based exposure to the overall criminal justice-related fields (law enforcement, courts, corrections, security and loss prevention).
  • Prepare students for entry-level employment in public/ private criminal justice related organizations
  • Assist students in the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, and the ability to conceptualize ideas
  • Expose students to courses in computation, communications, and human relations, and will assist students in developing an understanding and appreciation for diversity, social responsibility, and the participation in public affairs
  • Provide opportunities for higher education and training for criminal justice professionals via regional training courses, and through online or independent study courses
  • Serve those students seeking a career in criminal justice and/or planning to pursue an education beyond the associates level