Buccaneer Adventures

Alumni are encouraged to share their stories. Here you will find videos of Buccaneers from Semesters past relaying their narratives, where they’ve been and how DCC has helped them achieve their dreams.

To begin, please find below, a message from Dennis Harp, a graduate, former basketball player and our DC Foundation Executive Director:

Dennis Harp – Executive Director – DC Foundation

Mr. Rowe sits down with us and discusses what makes DCC unique for non-traditional students:

Richard Rowe – Cochran Chemical – District Manager

Coach Joe has led our men’s basketball to many exciting victories, he is also a graduate:

Joe Peterson – Director – DCC Athletics

Judge Rieger speaks on her experiences at and LOVE for DCC:

Olivia Rieger – Dawson County Judge

Mike remembers learning and teaching at DCC but now contributes in a new way:

Mike Wilondek – Trustee – DCC Board of Trustees

Dr. Hunter discusses how he started his college career with DCC:

Mike Hunter – DCC Mathematics Professor