Re-Admit Student

Re-Admit Students are:

  • Former/previous applicants who were accepted for attendance at DCC, but chose to move his/her application forward to the next semester.
  • Former/previous degree-seeking DCC students who have NOT attended classes at DCC for six (6) months or more;
  • Former/previous degree-seeking students who attended another college or university since last enrolling at DCC;
  • Former/previous student who has recently graduated from DCC;
  • Former/previous degree-seeking DCC students who were suspended from DCC for academic or disciplinary reasons (regardless of length of time elapsed since last enrolling at DCC).
  • In addition to completing this form, suspended students must attach a carefully prepared “plan” outlining:
  1. How the student will improve his/her academic performance if readmitted; and
  2. The student’s education and career goals, including detailed plans for goal attainment.

A complete application includes the following components:

  1. Completed Application for Re-Admittance submitted (mail, delivered, web) to the Admission Office.
  2. Official transcripts from ALL colleges attended after last enrolled at DCC; must be sent directly to the Dawson Community College Office of Admissions. International student transcripts not in English must be accompanied by an official translation from an outside source such as Transcripts submitted cannot be released or duplicated, as they remain the property of the originating institution.
  3. Any component listed under ‘degree seeking’ not previously provided.