Veterans Educational Services

Welcome to the Dawson Community College Veterans Services Homepage.
If you are considering applying at Dawson Community College please follow these steps:

Step 1
Contact the Veterans Administration at and apply for benefits.

Step 2
Provide the Registrar with the original eligibility benefits letter from the Veterans Administration by mail or in person.  The Registrar is located in the Main Building Student Services Office. The Registrar is the certifying official and assists veterans.

Dawson Community College
C/O Office of the Registrar
300 College Drive
Glendive, Montana   59330

  • Telephone Verification of Enrollment: 1 800-821-8320 Ext 404
  • Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE)
  • The Veterans Affairs Education Benefits website is:
  • The State of Montana Veterans Affairs Division Regional Office is located in Fort Harrison, MT. You can reach them at 800-827-1000 if there is a question about your eligibility for Veterans’ benefits.

Step 3
Declare a major. Veterans Administration benefits are only approved for classes that lead toward a degree. Changing majors is possible but must be approved by the Veterans Administration.

Step 4
Receive assistance from a DCC advisor and sign up for classes. To be considered as full time veterans must carry at least 12 credits per semester to qualify.
Veteran students must report promptly to the Registrar’s Office on or before the first day of class.

All veterans and eligible persons receiving educational benefits under federal guidelines are required by law to report promptly to the Registrar any changes that may affect the amount of money being received. (406) 377-9404.

The Veterans Administration expects veterans to make satisfactory progress, regularly attend classes, and pursue a final objective. The Registrar may notify the Veterans Administration if the veteran does not comply.

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