The Adopt-a-Buc program is a student-host family program that matches community members (host family) with a DCC student. 

Purpose and Goals
-To assist students with the transition to college, a new town, and, possibly, a new state by providing meaningful friendships and a sense of belonging. 
-To provide opportunities for our community to engage directly with DCC students and be ambassadors for Glendive and eastern Montana. 
-Provide students with life experiences outside the everyday college environment. 
-Provide opportunities to connect DCC students with the community. 

All participants sign up voluntarily. All students attending DCC at least part time may participate. Priority is given to students with no family in Dawson County. Any community member residing in Dawson County may participate as a host family. 

An initial meet-and-greet event early in the semester will take place, allowing the students and families the opportunity to visit and get to know each other. The host family and student are encouraged to get together at least once a month. Some suggestions include:
-Inviting students for a home-cooked meal.
-Connecting with students via phone calls, emails, etc. 
-Inviting students to participate in local community events. 

Rules and Guidelines
-This is not a live-in situation. Students should not spend the night at the host family home. 
-No financial or monetary transactions may transpire between host family and student. This includes, but is not limited to, loans, co-signing of loans or leases, long-distance telephone calls, and provision of tickets. 
-The host family must not take the student on trips involving excessive mileage and/or expenses or overnight.
-The host family or any member of the host family may not provide tickets or large/extravagant gifts of any kind. This is to comply with NJCAA rules, but applies to all students.

How to Apply
Applications for both students and host families can be found below. To address security concerns, the host family application will require a recommendation from a designated community member (e.g. city or county official, pastor, public school administrator, service organization board member, etc.).

Student Application

Host Family Application

-First Friday in September – deadline for applications from both students and host families.
-Second or third week of September – a Meet and Greet reception will be scheduled to introduce host families and students. 

Program Management
Adopt-a-Buc is a retention program coordinated by the office of the VP of Academic and Student Services. For more information contact 406-377-9405 or 

We encourage both students and community members to participate in this great program. We each have much to offer and share.


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