DCC Class Fundraising for School-Related Trip

Human Anatomy & Physiology students at Dawson Community College plan to visit the Bodies exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada April 15-17, 2019. Students will kick off their fundraising efforts this weekend, taking preorders for dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts and bags of coffee at Sunday’s Buccaneer basketball games. Donuts are $15 for a dozen of chocolate iced and $12 per dozen for original glazed. Coffee is $11 per bag. Orders will be taken until March 15, and purchases will be delivered March 19 and 20.

“Visiting the Bodies exhibition is such a unique and wonderful learning opportunity for our students,” said Jennifer Temple, DCC’s Biology instructor and Faculty Lead. “This provides a much more realistic way of studying anatomy and physiology than a textbook can offer.”

Visitors to the Bodies exhibition have the opportunity to view real full bodies, organ systems, and other specimens, which have all been preserved through a state-of-the-art chemical process. The specimens illustrate how different body systems, including the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and circulatory systems, work and communicate. Visitors also see the damage that unhealthy lifestyles cause to organs and systems.

“It would be the opportunity of a lifetime to be able to go,” said Anatomy & Physiology student Reannon Justice. “I would never get this type of opportunity back home!”

Each of the eight students planning to go on the trip have already completed an initial semester of Human Anatomy & Physiology, and all plan on entering careers in the medical field.

“The administration of DCC fully supports this active learning opportunity,” said Traci Masau, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. “We appreciate our faculty’s efforts to provide engaging learning experiences for our students, and this trip fulfills our core theme of Excellence in Education by providing multiple learning pathways and opportunities.”

For more information about the upcoming Anatomy & Physiology II class trip, to learn how to donate, or to place an order for donuts and coffee, contact Jennifer Temple at 406-377-9431 or jtemple@dawson.edu.

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