DCC Celebrates National Community College Month

Dawson Community College celebrates community colleges and students each day. The faculty, staff, and administration of DCC invite the community to join in on the celebration during the month of April – National Community College Month.  

According to the American Association of Community Colleges, community colleges serve over 7 million students nationwide, and approximately 40 percent of all high school graduates who enroll in college attend a two-year college. 

“Two-year colleges play a vital role in their communities,” said Dr. Scott R. Mickelsen, DCC President. “Not only do community colleges provide high-quality and affordable vocational, technical, and transfer degrees, but they also offer various opportunities for learning and growth for community members. Some of these include workforce training programs, continuing education, and community workshops.”

Cost of attendance is frequently cited as one of the benefits of community colleges. Other benefits that DCC students and alums alike cite are academic flexibility due to the variety of programs and individual attention.

DCC Sophomore Lexi Begger appreciates the support that community colleges provide. “There are multiple people that can help. The staff are really willing to work with you.”

In honor of National Community College Month, DCC invites the community to an Open House on April 24 from 5-8 p.m. in the Jane Carey Memorial Library. Attendees will enjoy refreshments, have the opportunity to visit with other DCC supporters and alums, discover more about how community colleges benefit the communities they belong to, learn more about DCC’s history, and can enter to win a drawing for a 3-credit tuition waiver.

For more information on Dawson Community College and National Community College Month events, contact Janelle Olberding, DCC Director of Marketing and Public Relations, at 406-377-9444 or jolberding@dawson.edu.


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