BP 1-3: Correspondence


APPROVED:  February 24, 2014

EFFECTIVE DATE:  February 24, 2014

REFERENCES: 20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99; MCA 2-6-102(4); MCA 2-6-401


The official mailing address for the Dawson Community College Board of Trustees is the following:
Dawson Community College
Board of Trustees
c/o Office of the President
300 College Drive
Glendive, MT 59330

Any correspondence relating to Dawson Community College or the Board of Trustees received by an individual trustee, administrator, or faculty or staff member when such correspondence includes (a) non-routine information concerning college governance, accreditation, finances, property or facilities, or major operations; (b) warnings or actions by regulatory or governing agencies or entities; or (c) legal proceedings involving the college, shall be treated as correspondence to the Board of Trustees and shall be forwarded to the Office of the President within five (5) business days of receipt.

Upon receipt of a correspondence to the Board of Trustees, the President shall share the correspondence with all trustees of Dawson Community College through ordinary means prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees.  All such correspondence will be summarized for the public as part of the agenda of that same meeting and become part of the public record.  Except that when the President, after consultation and agreement from the Presiding Member of the Board of Trustees, deems the contents of the correspondence to potentially jeopardize individual privacy or the safety and security of any person(s), property, or facility, the correspondence will be made available at the Office of the President for the Trustees’ eyes only and summarized at the next meeting as appropriate.

This policy applies to all correspondence defined herein regardless of the medium through which the message was corresponded.

SCOPE:                    This policy applies to Dawson Community College

PROCEDURES:       The President shall promulgate procedures to implement this policy.