BP 1-4: Board Evaluation

APPROVED: January 22, 2018
EFFECTIVE: January 22, 2018
REVISED: January 8, 2018
REFERENCES: Association of Community College Trustees

The Board is committed to assessing its own performance as a Board in order to identify its strengths and areas in which it may improve its functioning. The Board of Trustees will conduct a self-assessment process every year, but not less than every two years, and will include:

  • the completion of a self-assessment instrument by each Trustee,
  • a discussion of the compilation of the results during an open meeting, and
  • the development of a set of objectives.

SCOPE: This policy applies to Dawson Community College.

PROCEDURES: The College President shall promulgate such procedures as may be needed to implement this policy.

History: 3/24/14