BP 2-1: Administrator Leave


APPROVED:  March 26, 2012

EFFECTIVE:  March 26, 2012



 Administrators on 12-month contracts are eligible for the following leaves unless specifically contracted otherwise:

  1. VACATION:  As per state policy, present accumulated vacation days, except the 20 days presently contracted, will be grandfathered into this policy with no administrator receiving fewer than 20 days.  Present 12-month administrators are allowed to accumulate two years accumulated vacation days plus the present year’s award until April 1 of each year, then excess days would be forfeited.
  2. SICK LEAVE:  One day per month, cumulative.  Present accumulated days grandfathered.
  3. PERSONAL LEAVE:  Three days per year or in accordance with A.12.3 (Personal Leave) of the Employee Handbook.
  4. BEREAVEMENT LEAVE:  Three days not to be deducted from sick leave for the death of any member of his/her immediate family.

SCOPE                This policy applies to Dawson Community College.

PROCEDURES      The College President shall promulgate such procedures as may be  needed to implement this policy.

History:  6/23/86; 9/87; 3/26/90; 12/21/92; 9/24/01