BP 2-28: Emeritus Faculty

APPROVED: January 23, 2017
EFFECTIVE: January 23, 2017
REFERENCES: Montana Board of Regents’ Policy 322.2

In compliance with Montana Board of Regents BP 322.2: (A) a campus of the Montana University System or a community college under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of Higher Education may confer a distinguished service award upon an outstanding person who has made a significant contribution to the institution. (B) Such awards shall be reported to the Board of Regents. (C) Each institution shall develop criteria and procedures for the conferral of such awards if it chooses to utilize the award.

Dawson Community College (DCC) Board of Trustees may bestow recognition of Emerita/Emeritus Status to retired, full-time faculty and administrators for their distinguished service to the College.

The title of Emerita/Emeritus is a unique and special honor. The Board reserves the title for a select few (no more than three) individuals each year and it is the Board’s expectation that only the most outstanding faculty or administrators will be recommended for this unique honor. Emerita/Emeritus status is granted to retiring, full-time faculty and administrators in recognition of dedicated service to the College. It is an earned rank and as such entitles its holders to commensurate rights and privileges.

SCOPE: This policy applies to Dawson Community College.

PROCEDURES: The College President shall promulgate such procedures as may be needed to implement this policy.