BP 3-8: Conduct of Student Athletes


APPROVED:  November 25, 2013

EFFECTIVE:  November 25, 2013

REFERENCES:  Montana Code Annotated § 45-5-221


Participation in the intercollegiate athletics program at Dawson Community College (DCC) is a privilege, not a right.  Student athletes are expected to maintain acceptable standards of behavior on campus and in the community and to maintain a satisfactory scholastic standing in the courses undertaken.  Student athletes who fail to comply with these requirements will lose the privilege of participating.

1. Actions that are viewed as inappropriate for student-athletes while participating in athletic events include but are not limited to:

  • Physical abuse of coaches, officials, opponents, spectators, or teammates;
  • Throwing objects;
  • Unauthorized seizure of equipment from officials or the news media;
  • Inciting players or spectators to negative actions or to any behavior that insults opponents’ traditions;
  • Use of obscene or otherwise inappropriate language or gestures;
  • Other conduct prohibited by the coach or DCC athletic director.

2. DCC complies with the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) rules for campus membership and with the guidelines established by the athletic conferences to which DCC now belongs or may join.  A complete statement of guidelines and procedures concerning academic integrity and student conduct are contained within the NJCAA and the NIRA Codes of Conduct, the DCC Student Conduct Code, and the intercollegiate sport or activity training rules.  These rules and guidelines govern the conduct of DCC student athletes.

3. DCC expects its student athletes to conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship both on and off the playing field.  This expectation encompasses treating others with respect, including coaches, officials, teammates, opponents and spectators.

4. The DCC coaches will monitor, evaluate and address ongoing concerns with the behavior of a student athlete.  Each coach will document actions required to be taken during the year for serious misconduct and will provide a report of such actions to the VP of Instruction and Student Services or his/her designee, who will retain the original for maintenance in the campus disciplinary records.

5. Student disciplinary proceedings shall be confidential so far as is possible.  The confidentiality of disciplinary records shall be maintained to the extent required and/or allowed by law.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.

PROCEDURES      The College President shall promulgate such procedures as may be  needed to implement this policy.

History:  7/25/05