BP 2-6: Faculty Development Fund


APPROVED:   March 26, 2018

EFFECTIVE:  March 26, 2018

REVIEWED: March 5, 2018


The Dawson Community College Board of Trustees provides a Faculty Development Fund as described in the Master Agreement between the Trustees and the Glendive Federation of Teachers (GFT). This Fund is provided because professional growth and development are seen as tools for increasing knowledge and developing skills that will enhance the development of each faculty member in his/her related field.

The objectives of the Faculty Development Fund are to:

  • Promote the institution’s mission and goals
  • Encourage and assist full and half-time faculty members in continuous professional growth
  • Enhance the applicant’s skills/expertise in his/her related field
  • Enhance curricular revisions/development, programs, etc.

Monies from the Faculty Development Fund may be requested to help support professional progress through such activities as:

  • Completion of additional college work that enhances the faculty member’s teaching in his/her related field
  • Participation in professional organizations and meetings
  • Seminars, workshops, conferences, coursework, and skills improvement
  • Independent study or research
  • Travel related to professional development
  • Professional organizational membership and/or publications

Faculty Development Funds Disbursement, Reimbursement & Repayment

  • Professional organizational membership and/or publications
  • Development funds used to cover tuition for classes or workshops will be reimbursed upon proof of successful completion of the Board approved requested activity.
  • Job-related courses are reimbursed up to 100%, as non-taxable income to the employee (as allowed by current taxable law (26 C.F.R. Sec. 1.162.5) provided a passing grade of A, B, or Satisfactory are achieved. Grading levels of C, D, F, Incomplete, or Unsatisfactory will not be reimbursed.
  • If an employee resigns from his or her position or the College terminates an employee for cause, the College may require the employee to refund the cost of any conferences or workshops the employee attended within the preceding 12 months of employment and/or refund the cost of tuition and fees paid by the College on behalf of the employee within the preceding 24 months of employment. The College will not require employees to refund tuition and fees for Dawson Community College credit or noncredit courses waived by the College pursuant to the College’s agreement with the Glendive Federation of Teachers.
  • May not be used for financial support of Special Duty Days, as per the Master Agreement, without prior approval of the Faculty Development Fund Committee and the GFT.

SCOPE                This policy applies to Dawson Community College.

PROCEDURES      The College President shall promulgate such procedures as may be  needed to implement this policy.

History:  12/27/93; 7/23/01; 6/24/13; 12/16/13