CP 2-15: Evaluation of Tenured Faculty


APPROVED: March 25, 1996

EFFECTIVE: July 1, 1996



The purpose of any evaluation is professional development. In order to assure an effective and meaningful tenured faculty evaluation process, the Dean of Instructional Services will formalize the evaluation following the completion of the listed activities.

The evaluation will include four components. An official form will be provided by the Dean of Instructional Services.

Part I – Student Evaluations: The faculty member’s immediate supervisor annually collects and analyzes feedback data from students about each faculty member.  If he or she identifies trends in the data, the supervisor shares that information with the faculty member each year.  During the formal evaluation conference, the supervisor discusses ongoing trends with the faculty member and documents plans to address any issues.

Part II – Self Evaluations: This is an opportunity for the faculty member to describe performance progress since the last evaluation, document any new methods or courses that have been designed and implemented by the faculty member since the last evaluation,  and create new goals for the next evaluation period.  Lastly, the faculty member will document performance in each of the following three areas or may request to substitute an alternative area for one of the three.

  1. Professional growth efforts
  2. Community service involvement
  3. Service to the college (committees, special assignments, club advising)

Part III – Evaluation Conference

Prior to the evaluation conference, the faculty member’s direct supervisor will conduct at least one classroom observation.  After the self assessment and classroom observation has been completed, an evaluation conference with the immediate supervisor will take place. During this conference, a professional development plan for the faculty member will be developed and put into writing as soon as possible after the conference.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.

History:  3/21/77