CP 2-22: Classified Staff Position Descriptions, Salary Schedule and Placement, and Position Reviews


APPROVED: July 24, 2017

EFFECTIVE: July 24, 2017



Before a classified staff position can be placed on the approved salary schedule, a position description must be developed. The position description should include the following descriptive elements: title, assigned division and department, exempt or non-exempt status, supervision received, supervision exercised, job summary, list of duties and responsibilities, required and preferred qualifications, and physical requirements of the position.  Upon completion of the position description, a panel appointed by the President or his designee will evaluate the position using an approved position evaluation methodology and grading system.

A position review or desk audit may be requested by either a classified employee or his/her immediate supervisor. Position reviews are usually conducted when significant changes have been made to the duties and responsibilities of a position. A significant duty or responsibility change is one that is consistently being accomplished by the employee, not one that is infrequent or not in keeping with current duties and responsibilities.

In the case where a significant change has occurred or is perceived to have occurred, a review of the current position description is first conducted by the employee and supervisor. If a change is deemed to be significant by both employee and supervisor, the position description is revised and submitted to the President’s designee for re-evaluation by a committee identified by the designee. If the President or his/her designee contends that the change is significant, the position description will be revised and submitted for re-evaluation. If the President or his/her designee contends that the change is not significant, the current position description will remain as written.

If the result of the position evaluation dictates a change in pay grade, the change will be retroactive to the date of the review and completion of all paperwork, including the preparation and approval of the new job description. If the result of the position evaluation does not dictate a change in pay grade, the employee will remain in their current pay grade.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.