CP 2-6: Faculty Development Fund


APPROVED:  December 16, 2013

EFFECTIVE:  December 16, 2013



Eligibility: All full and half-time DCC faculty as defined in the Master Agreement are eligible to apply for funds.

Procedure for Applying: Applications for monies from the Faculty Development Fund must be submitted on the “Faculty Development Fund Request” form.

Applications must be submitted to the Faculty Development Fund Committee (see Article 15.3 of the Master Agreement) by the fifteenth day of each month.  The Committee will not accept applications for activities that are more than once year from the application date.

Committee Review Procedure: Applications shall be reviewed by the Faculty Development Fund Committee.  Applicants may be present at the Committee meeting to provide more detailed information or to answer questions about the request.  Priority will be given to those faculty members who have not applied for funds within the past two years.  (Requests for organizational memberships or publications are exempted from this prioritization). *  Funds may be utilized to send two or more faculty members from the same department to the same conference, seminar, workshop, etc., with administrative approval.

The Committee will submit the application with the Committee’s recommendation for approval or disapproval to the College President.  The Committee will provide a copy of their written recommendation to the applicant.  An applicant whose request is not recommended by the Faculty Development Fund Committee may appeal directly to the College President.

DCC Board Action:  The DCC Board of Trustees delegated to the College President to act on the requests for Faculty Development Funds as approved by the Faculty Development Fund Committee (see Article 15.3 of the Master Agreement).   The College President will hear any appeals for requests not approved by the Committee.  Notification of the College President’s decisions will be sent to applicants.

Reimbursement: The College will pre-pay approved expenses for travel, lodging, and conference registration.  Other expenses will be reimbursed upon the submission of the completed Evaluation of Conference form and updated Travel Voucher. These are due within seven days of return to campus.

Tuition Reimbursement:  After completion of the approved college course or workshop, the employee must submit a payment voucher along with the invoice or proof of payment, the official grade report, and a copy of the College President approved development fund request form to the business office for reimbursement.

*One specific use, which may be made of Faculty Development Funds, is for organizational memberships and/or professional journals.  Each full-time faculty member may request up to $100 in each academic year for such purposes.  Requests for funds for these purposes is a less formal process that requires only the submission of the appropriate form to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services for the purpose of tracking funds spent.  The form will be forwarded to the Dawson College Foundation for payment and does not have to be approved by the College President.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.

History:  12/27/93; 6/24/13