CP 2-7: Harassment and Sexual Harassment


APPROVED: August 28, 2001

EFFECTIVE: August 28, 2001



Employees or students seeking advice on or wishing to file a grievance related to alleged harassment are to contact the Affirmative Action Officer, room 127 of the main building.

Informal Harassment Complaint Procedure 
File a verbal complaint with the Affirmative Action Officer, who then will involve the appropriate Dean and complainant to find an acceptable solution at the lowest possible management level.

Formal Harassment Complaint Procedure
A written formal grievance must be filed with the Affirmative Action Officer and the President, who, within five working days, will transmit it to the members of the Appeals Board.

Other Forms of Harassment 
Threats, whether or not a person has the intention of carrying out a threat, are a serious matter with possible criminal implications.

Disciplinary action will taken when instances of sexual harassment are identified and confirmed, filed and result in a finding of probable cause.  Retaliation against persons who file complaints is a violation of laws prohibiting discrimination and will result in disciplinary action against offenders.  A copy of the campus policy dealing with sexual harassment is available in the business office or upon request from the Student Services Office.  DCC students and employees are required to be aware of the above expectations and responsibilities and that they will always abide by those realistic standards of achievement and citizenship that are conducive to self-growth and to the well-being of the college community.

SCOPE                This policy applies to Dawson Community College.