CP 3-2: Alcohol and Dangerous Drugs


APPROVED: August 19, 2014

EFFECTIVE: August 19, 2014



The following conduct is prohibited by DCC and will be sanctioned:

  • Use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages on College premises or at College-sponsored activities except as permitted in College policies (DCC Facility Use Policy and DCC Alcohol/Dangerous Drug Policy).  Note:  Use of alcohol does not excuse abusive or destructive behavior.  Sanctions for Student Conduct Code violations will not be reduced on the basis of alcohol use.
  • Use, possession, or distribution of any dangerous drug on College premises or at College-sponsored activities; or illegal distribution of any dangerous drug.  [See The DCC Alcohol and Dangerous Drug Policy].

The VP Student Affairs or his/her designee shall be responsible for the procedural administration of the Student Conduct Code.

Violations of this policy will subject a student to disciplinary action under the procedures set forth in the Student Conduct Code (BP 3-5, CP 3-5). Violations by employees will subject them to appropriate disciplinary action.

Dawson Community College reserves the right to report any illegal activity to law enforcement authorities. DCC may pursue enforcement of its rules whether or not criminal proceedings are in process and may use information from third party sources, such as law enforcement agencies and the courts, to determine whether College rules have been broken.

SCOPE                This policy applies to Dawson Community College.

History: July 25, 2005;