CP 3-3b: Intercollegiate Athletic Programs


APPROVED:  December 17, 2012

EFFECTIVE:  March 1, 2013



The following guidelines have been established for the operation of DCC intercollegiate athletic programs:

Dawson Community College will make available institutional athletic financial grant-in-aid to help form the nucleus of its baseball, basketball, softball, rodeo, and volleyball teams.  Grant-in-aid will be allocated upon the recommendation of the Head Coach and the approval of the VP or Instruction and Student Services or his designee.  Written notice of the offer for the academic year shall be given to the student-athlete on the National Letter of Intent form.  All athletic aid will be administered through the DCC Financial Aid Office, who will also document  the offered amount on the student’s award letter.

It is essential for the athletic department to put forth aggressive recruitment efforts to attain in-state athletes.  The grant-in-aid funding is based on the combination of 60% in-state and WUE and 40% out-of-state.

 Book waivers entitle the student/athlete to use returnable texts, but the student/athlete shall purchase his/her own non-returnable materials.  Student/athlete(s) shall be responsible for full payment of any returnable textbooks not returned at the end of each academic term.  Each Division I sport (men’s basketball, women’s basketball and rodeo) will continue to receive $6000 each for additional financial assistance allowable by the association.

Athletic fiscal waiver amounts follow the set tuition and fee sheet established for Dawson Community College each academic year.  While it may be possible to provide additional scholarships or financial support for eligible team members, all grant-in-aids from any source will be administered through Dawson Community College Financial Aid Office.

In an effort to miss as few days as possible from regular class, the VP of Instruction and Student Services or his designee shall review and approve all athletic team schedules and any revisions to the original schedules.  The maximum number of scheduled season games/rodeos shall comply with the NJCAA or NIRA standards.  Any associated costs that are beyond the current annual budget shall be secured through the collaborative fund-raising efforts of the coaches and their teams.  The coach for each sport is required to notify the faculty at least one week in advance of when and who will be absent from classes to participate in scheduled games/rodeos.

The VP Student Affairs is responsible for supervising the athletic department in compliance with the rules, policies and procedures of the NJCAA and NIRA Association, DCC, and within Title IX parameters.  The Vice President shall prepare an annual written report on the athletic department’s compliance with these established rules, policies, and guidelines.  The Vice President shall submit this report to the DCC  Board of Trustees by the end of the fiscal year.  The coaches are responsible to the VP of Student Affairs for the implementation of athletic department guidelines and schedules.  The Vice President will coordinate and participate in internal and external fund-raising activities to help secure fiscal and spectator support for all DCC athletic programs.

Complimentary season tickets will be restricted to no more than 200 for all ticketed sports events.  Senior Citizen gold cards will be honored at regular home season games/rodeos.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.

History:  01/28/02; 04/25/05