CP 3-8: Conduct of Student Athletes


APPROVED: July 25, 2005

EFFECTIVE: July 25, 2005



Participation in the intercollegiate athletics program at Dawson Community College (DCC) is a privilege, not a right. Student athletes are expected to maintain acceptable standards of behavior on campus and in the community and to maintain a satisfactory scholastic standing in the courses undertaken. Student-athletes who fail to comply with these requirements will lose the privilege of participating.

  1. All students are subject to the Student Conduct Code. In addition, student athletes are subject to discipline in accordance with the rules of this policy, the activity, and the coaches’ rules.
  2. The fact that sanctions are imposed by the coach will not preclude the College from imposing additional sanctions, nor do any sanctions imposed by the College preclude additional sanctions by the coach.
  3. Any DCC student athlete who is charged with a felony shall be suspended immediately from practice and competition. Such action is prescribed in order to establish a positive standard by which the College, the athletic department, and its student-athletes might be judged by the public. The process below will be followed.
  • Within 48 hours of the suspension, the student athlete’s coach or designee shall review the suspension and recommend to the VP of Student Affairs whether the suspension should continue pending a hearing.
  • Within 10 days of the suspension, the student athlete shall be afforded an opportunity for a hearing before the Student Conduct Board. Following the hearing, the Conduct Board may continue, lift or modify the suspension.
  • If the student athlete is found guilty of the felony charge in a court of law, the student athlete shall be suspended permanently from participation in intercollegiate athletics at DCC.
  • The policy shall apply only for acts committed during the time such student athlete is actually enrolled at DCC.
  • Permanent suspension from athletics for conduct purposes shall cause the student-athlete to be ineligible for student athletic aid.
  • This policy applies only to charges filed against a student-athlete after the date of its adoption.
  • This section does not preclude the College from permanently suspending a student athlete from athletics or otherwise administering discipline in accordance with the DCC Student Conduct Code.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.