CP 4-3: Program Termination


APPROVED: December 18, 2001

EFFECTIVE: December 18, 2001

REFERENCES: BP 4-2; Board of Regents’ Policy 303.4


The major criteria for imposing an academic program moratorium include, but are not limited to:

  • conducting a comprehensive program review,
  • dealing with a temporary shortage of faculty or facilities, or
  • dealing with student enrollment pressures beyond what the program can handle.

Program moratoriums must be reported to the Commissioner’s Office. According to Board of Regents’ Policy 303.4, an academic program moratorium becomes a withdrawal after a three-year period unless the Board of Regents approves continuation of the moratorium.

The major criteria for imposing an academic program withdrawal include, but are not limited to:

  • program enrollment insufficient to sustain itself,
  • inability to hire qualified faculty, or
  • program need eliminated.

An academic program withdrawal requires approval of the Board of Regents. Subsequent reinstatement of a program also requires approval of the Board of Regents.

If an academic program has been withdrawn without approval of the Board of Regents, or an approved program is not implemented, the program remains in withdrawn status and approval of the Board of Regents is required to reinstate or implement the program.

According to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, an institution must comply with the following procedures for program termination:

Phase I:

  1. Research the programs of study for all students currently enrolled in program and define a reasonable deadline for degree completion for all current students. Plan course offerings accordingly.
  2. Notify affected program faculty of impending layoff and timing based on reasonable program completion for existing students (both verbally and in writing).
  3. Meet with students to discuss program completion deadlines, course scheduling and options.
  4. Notify all internal curriculum committees and Faculty Senate of impending program closure.
  5. Notify Faculty Union (where applicable).
  6. Notify public advisory committee for program (where applicable).
  7. Submit Notice of Intent for publication in Board of Regents’ Agenda at least 60 days prior to requested date for termination. The purpose here is to ensure adequate public notice.

Phase II:

  1. Notify high school counselors, feeder colleges, and other constituents.
  2. Submit new catalog copy indicating planned program closure and ensuring current students they will be able to complete their program within a reasonable deadline.
  3. File Level I request for Program Termination and documented checklist with Office of Commissioner of Higher Education.
  4. Level I Memo published to the Board of Regents and Montana University System.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.