CP 4-5 Transfer of Credit


APPROVED: October 30, 2014

EFFECTIVE: October 30, 2014



Dawson Community College reserves the right to accept or reject credits earned at other institutions of higher education. In general, the College accepts credits earned at institutions fully accredited by their regional accrediting association for colleges and universities, if the student earned such credits through college-level courses appropriate to the student’s degree program at Dawson Community College.

The Registrar, in consultation with applicable faculty members, routinely determines whether the College will accept courses for transfer and how those courses will apply toward Dawson Community College degree requirements.  When the applicability of a proposed transfer course to DCC degree requirements or the equivalency of a proposed transfer course to a DCC course is unclear, the Registrar and faculty member(s) will forward the case to the Academic Quality and Continuous Improvement Committee to make a determination.

The College transfers credit on course-by-course basis. The College will allow a maximum of 30 credits of transfer coursework to be applied toward a Dawson Community College degree. The College treats transfer students and native students on an equitable basis; the College expects all students to meet equivalent standards for regular enrollment in classes with prerequisites and to satisfy comparable program requirements.

When a course is acceptable for transfer, the College will grant to the student the same number of credits as originally assigned to the course.  Transfer courses identified as comparable or equivalent to College courses shall be applicable toward degree prerequisites and requirements in the same way as the College courses.  When translation is required between semester and quarter credits, the College will use the conversion of 2/3 of one semester credit for each quarter credit.  The College will not alter the grades assigned in transfer courses by the sending institution.  The student’s transcript will note a cumulative grade point average that includes transferred grades and College grades, and a College grade point average that only includes grades earned in DCC courses.

The College will grant credit earned in transferable courses without regard to the date at which the course was completed. In some degree programs, especially in scientific and technical subjects, students may be required to acquire current knowledge or to refresh their knowledge by repeating courses taken at a prior date. The College will not grant credit a second time for such repeated courses.

The College will not award transfer credit for the following types of study or coursework: (1) courses taken at colleges or universities that are not regionally accredited, (2) non-credit courses and workshops, and (3) remedial or college preparatory courses.

SCOPE: This procedure applies to Dawson Community College