CP 5-0a Grants


APPROVED: October 30, 2014

EFFECTIVE: October 30, 2014



The Board of Trustees recognizes that grants frequently become available for student financial aid, instruction, research, public service, and administrative purposes.  The Board encourages the college administration to pursue the acquisition of grant funds.

All grant opportunities and applications must be reviewed by a college administrator to ensure consistency with the College’s mission, core themes, goals, and objectives.  Furthermore, the reviewing administrator must ensure the college is capable to administer the grant prior to submission of a grant application or proposal. The college will not accept grant funding secured without the approval of an administrator.

If matching funds are required from the college to secure grant funding, such funds must be budgeted accordingly. The college will consider the feasibility of continuing grand-funded programs and services following the expiration of the grant funding; however, the college does not commit to continue grant-funded programs or services following the expiration of the grant.

SCOPE: The procedure applies to Dawson Community College