CP 5-7: Class and Workshop Waivers


APPROVED: April 24, 2000

EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2000



Workshops are assumed to be self-supporting and will be identified with a 189/289 rubric. Classes are identified in the catalog with a standard rubric and are assumed to be at least partially supported with public funds.

Eligibility for Waivers: 

I. Faculty: full-time faculty members receive tuition waiver for self, spouse, and dependents; part-time faculty members receive tuition waiver for self only.

II. Board of Trustees: tuition waiver for self, spouse, and dependents.

III. Staff and Administration: full-time staff and administrators receive tuition waiver for self, spouse, and dependents; part-time staff and administrators receive tuition wavier for self only.  If the President or his/her designee mandates or assigns an employee to enroll in a DCC class or workshop, the tuition and fees for that class or workshop will be waived for the employee.

IV. Senior Citizen Gold Card Members: the Senior Citizen Gold Card is intended to provide opportunities for senior citizens to participate in the College’s activities and events. Senior citizens who are at least 60 years of age and are residing in the Dawson Community College service area are eligible for (a) tuition waivers for college courses and (b) free admittance to cultural and athletic functions. Some restrictions apply (see below.)

 Senior Citizen Gold Card Restrictions: minimum class enrollment and space available must be met for the College to honor Gold Card registrations.

Gold Card exclusions:

  1. course fees,
  2. workshops with 189/289 rubrics,
  3. enterprise and/or self-supporting activities/events,
  4. CCCOnline courses.

Once an application has been submitted and eligibility has been determined, a lifetime Gold Card will be issued from the President’s office.

Conditions identified on previously issued Gold Cards will be honored.

SCOPE               These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.

History:  1968-69; 1/18/72; 8/24/81; 11/27/89; 8/15/95