CP 6-3a: Restricting Access to College Property


APPROVED:  September 20, 2014

EFFECTIVE:  September 20, 2014

REFERENCES:  BP 6-3; Mont. Code Ann. § 45-6-203


The College may prohibit, limit, or otherwise restrict access to or use of its buildings, facilities or other property as may be necessary to provide for the orderly conduct of the College’s educational, research, and service programs and the safety and security of the campus property, students, employees, guests, and other visitors.

Any College administrator may restrict or deny any person’s access to a building, or a portion thereof, if the person engages or threatens to engage in conduct that:

  • interferes with the orderly operation of the College programs, buildings, or other facilities;
  • violates the College regulations pertaining to the use of facilities;
  • creates reasonable apprehension of harm or injury to persons or property; and/or
  • is proscribed by law.

The President or his/her designee may restrict or deny any person’s access to the entire campus if the person engages in conduct outlined above.

Trespass Warning
The College administrator restricting or denying access shall issue a trespass warning (orally or in writing) to the person, if possible. A trespass warning may be issued to students or non-students and may apply to an individual’s vehicle as well.

Administrators issuing a trespass warning should: (1) identify themselves; (2) advise the person that he/she is on College property and that permission to be on College property is revoked; and (3) inform him/her that if he/she does not leave immediately or if he/she returns, he/she will be arrested and prosecuted for criminal trespass to the full extent of the law. The administrator should document an oral trespass in writing. Prior to issuing the trespass warning, the Glendive Police Department should be notified, and a police officer will assist in the warning process upon request.

Appeal of Denial of Access
Students desiring to appeal a temporary suspension, temporary eviction, expulsion, or other Student Conduct Code disposition must follow the appeal procedures described in the Student Conduct Code.  Students denied access to campus or any portion thereof not pursuant to a Student Conduct Code disposition may appeal the decision to the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee.

Non-students denied access to campus or any portion thereof may appeal the decision to the Vice President of Administration or his/her designee. Non-students issued a trespass warning may petition to reinstate the right to return to campus upon a showing that: (1) they will abide by the law and College regulations, and (2) they have a legitimate purpose for being on campus. Petitions should be in writing and submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Administration.