CP 6-6: Naming of College Buildings, Rooms, or Special Use Facilities


APPROVED: April 28, 2003

EFFECTIVE: April 28, 2003



General Guidelines

  • As a general guideline, all student-use buildings should be assigned a name other than a “use” designation. This would include such structures as a student center, dormitory, etc.
  • One name only should be assigned to a single purpose building. Multi-wing buildings and buildings clearly designed and divided for major, but separate uses may be given different names.
  • A clearly defined room or special use facility may be given special identification. This would include such units as large lecture halls, auditoriums, meeting rooms, galleries, fields, nature trails, etc.
  • In considering a name for a building, room, or special use facility, the Board should be sensitive to the source of funding; i.e., federal, state, or local funds provided to construct the building, room, or special use facility.

Specific Guidelines Buildings, Rooms, and Special Use Facilities

College facilities may be named for:

  • a business or corporation or individual deserving special recognition for a significant financial contribution towards a facility which otherwise would not be available. The financial contribution should be a majority of the total projected cost of the facility, room or special use facilities;
  • a former faculty member who has made important contributions in their discipline;
  • an administrator who has given outstanding service to the College;
  • an alumnus or former student who has given outstanding service to the College and/or has made important contributions in their field of endeavor;
  • a former member of the Board of Trustees who has provided outstanding and distinguished service to the College;
  • an individual or group of individuals whose service has been related to the use and purpose of the building, room, or special use facility.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to make exceptions to the above guidelines should circumstances dictate special consideration.

SCOPE                These procedures apply to Dawson Community College.