International Student Requirements



(Effective 2/28/89, Revised 6/1/2016)




In order to be considered for admissions, applicants must submit an application, financial documentation, secondary and post-secondary transcripts, and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score by May 1 for fall semester, August 1 for spring semester.  You must arrive on campus the weekend before classes begin and move into the Student Living Complex that weekend.

A complete application includes the following components:

  • Completed Admissions Application, submitted (mail, delivered, web) to the Admission Office



    1. Application for Admissions

    Please complete all items on the application form.  Materials are filed alphabetically under the family name you indicate on your application.  Use the same spelling of your name on all correspondence.


    1. Application Fee

    The $30 non-refundable fee is required of all applicants. Checks should be made payable to Dawson Community College and must indicate the U.S. banking codes.  The application fee will not be waived, deferred, or refunded. 


    1. International Student Processing Fee

    International students must pay a $70 processing fee.


    1. English Language Proficiency /Standardized Tests

    Applicants whose native language is not English are required to submit official results on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam.  The minimum score accepted is 500 on the paper test, 173 on the computer test, or 61 on the Internet-based test is required for admission.  You may obtain information concerning this test from:  The Educational Testing Service, P.O. Box 899, Princeton, New Jersey, 08540 U.S.A. or by inquiring at the nearest U.S. Consulate.  Applicants from English-speaking Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Commonwealth Caribbean, or Guyana need not supply TOEFL results.


    1. Evidence of Financial Support (see attached form)

    All applicants who will require a FORM I-20 A-B must complete and return the source of Financial Support form.  This form must be accompanied by financial documentation, which certifies that $13,000 will be available to cover all estimated expenses for one calendar year.  This documentation should consist of an original bank or employer’s letter on official letterhead.  Photocopies of financial documentation are not acceptable.


    1. Student Living Complex Application

    All freshmen with fewer than 30 credits are required to reside on campus.  All foreign students, who transfer in with more than 30 credits, are required to live on campus the first semester they attend DCC. Please complete all items on the Student Living Complex Application. 


    1. Student Living Complex Deposit

    A $150 housing deposit is required of all applicants.  Checks should be made payable to Dawson Community College and must indicate the U.S. banking codes.  The housing deposit will be returned once the student has moved out of the Student Living Complex and no damage has been done to the apartment.



    1. Copy of your Passport

    In all correspondence with Dawson Community College, you must use the exact spelling of your name that is on your passport. When we issue you a Form I-20, we consult your passport spelling. If the name on your passport and your I-20 document do not matcher perfectly, your I-20 will not be accepted at your Visa appointment.


    1. Educational Credentials

    The Admissions Office will determine academic eligibility and placement.  Applicants must submit a transcript of records, and if it is not in English, it must be accompanied by an official translation. All transcripts, high school and post-secondary, must be submitted to World Education Services (WES) for authentication. All credentials must bear the official WES seal and signature, and be sent directly to the Dawson Community College Office of Admissions.  Transcripts “issued to students” are unacceptable.                           


    1. Air Fare

    Students from a nation other than Canada must place on deposit funds to cover one-way air fare home in case of emergency or show proof of a round-trip ticket with return to originating homeland.


    1. Medical Health Insurance

    If you are an F-1 or M-1 international student with an issued I-20 from Dawson Community College, you are required to have health insurance coverage for yourself. You may contact Virginia Boysun, Registrar at 406-377-9404 or for further information.


    1. 11. Immunization records

    All foreign students, except those qualifying for an exemption, must show a physician-validated immunization record for measles, rubella (double vaccination), diphtheria, tetanus, and skin testing for tuberculosis.  This evidence must be presented before a student is permitted to register.

                  Medical exemption.  A person qualifies for a medical exemption when he files a bona fide statement signed by a physician licensed to practice medicine within the United States verifying that the physical condition of the person seeking to attend school makes the required immunization unsafe and indicated the specific nature and probable duration of the condition.  The exemption shall not extend beyond the period of the condition which contraindicates immunization.

    Religious exemption.  A person qualifies for a religious exemption when the person

    files notarized affidavit on a form approved by the Montana Department of Health that immunization is contrary to the religious tenets and practices of the signer. 



    The I-20 form will not be issued until all these criteria are met. 






    Source of Support

       Documentation Required


    Support of

    First Year


    Support of

    Second Year

    Personal Funds Bank statement, signed by an

    official of your bank,

    indicating amount of funds available

     for your proposed period of study.



    Parent / Sponsor Letter of support, signed by

    your parent or sponsor, accompanied

     by a bank statement indicating the

    amount of funds they have

    agreed to provide you.




    Copy of your scholarship,

    Fellowship, or grant award

    Letter signed by an official

    of your sponsoring



    Loan Copy of your loan agreement

    Prepared by the lending



    Other Resources


    Appropriate documentation













    I certify that all statements on this form are true and accurate and that funds will be provided as specified above.  I will notify Dawson Community College of any changes in my financial circumstances.





    ____________________________________________                                _______________________

    Student’s Signature                                                                  

  • Accuplacer Assessment scores upon arrival on campus.